Frequently Asked Anesthesia Questions

How safe is anesthesia for my child?

Office based anesthesia is very safe when all guidelines are followed and anesthetic is administered by an anesthesiologist.

How many times a month do you put children to sleep?

Dr. Devany sees 45-50 patients per month at the offices she visits. Dr. Devany is usually at our office 2-3 days each month and we will see around 10-15 patients total over those days.

Will I be able to stay in the room?

You will only be in the room for the induction/going to sleep.  Once your child is asleep, you will be asked to go back out to the lobby. However, you will be brought back to the room after treatment is completed, so you will be there while your child is waking up. Your child will never know you were gone.

Will the N20 nose put my child to sleep?

No. The N2O is meant to relax your child and help them cooperate. It is also a pain medicine so the IV does not bother most children as much.

What type of drugs does Dr. Devany use?

For Plan A: Propofol, Ketamine, and Versed
For Plan B: Ketamine and Versed; Propofol after the IV is started.

Appropriate dosage is given based upon child’s weight and age.

Why would Dr. Devany do Plan B or Plan A?

Plan B is chosen when it will be less traumatic than enforcing Plan A. Plan B is used when a child is very uncooperative. Dr. Devany will decide which plan is best upon meeting your child.

How long will it take for my child to wake up?

It takes about 15 to 40 minutes.

Will my child feel nauseous when he/she wakes up?

Very rarely – about 3% get nauseous at home.

Will my child's mouth be numb?

No. The only time Lidocaine is given is if there are one (or more) teeth which need to be extracted. The Lidocaine will then be given through the IV so the doctor doesn’t have to do any injections in the mouth.

Will my child be given any pain medication after the procedure?

Pain medication is not usually administered after the procedure, but some IS given during the procedure. The doctors and the recovery assistant will go over post treatment care with you. If you are concerned that your child is in severe pain, call to speak with the doctor and he/she may prescribe a pain reliever. Typically, Ibuprofen is all that is needed to ease your child’s discomfort.

Why is there a 2 adult requirement?

We require 2 adults so that 1 person can focus on driving and getting home safely while the second adult can focus on the child and his/her needs.