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Dr. Dave received his undergraduate education at Xavier University, a Master’s degree at Wright State University College of Medicine and his degree in dentistry at The Ohio State University. He completed a residency in Pediatric Dentistry and a fellowship in Developmental Disorders at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Medical Center where he has served on the clinical faculty for many years. Dr. Dave has worked for the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry serving to write the board examination, as an examiner and Director of the Continuing Quality of Improvement requirements. Dr. Dave is the author of the reference book The Manual of Pediatric Dentistry and other publications. Dr. Dave is a Fellow of the American College of Dentists, one of the highest honors from the American Dental Association awarded for the highest clinical excellence and ethics.

Dr. Dave has been a consultant to Xavier University’s Athletic Department’s medical staff, worked with the Cincinnati and Hamilton County Board of Health, Proctor and Gamble, Eukanuba pet foods and others. He is the dentist for the animals at the Cincinnati Zoo and has treated animals from Siegfried and Roy, circuses and zoos throughout the country. He enjoys his family, sports and learning.

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I took my twins, who just turned two, to their first dental exam at Sea of Smiles. My boys, who are a bit shy, were very receptive to staff and warmed right up thanks to their kid friendly waiting room and exam rooms. The hygienist and dentist, Dr. John, were amazing and my boys had so much fun getting their teeth cleaned. We will be back in 6 months!

Sea of Smiles has been an incredible dentist for our daughter and family. Dr. John truly cares for his patients and his caring staff and colleagues are exceptional. They’re kind, attentive, thorough and make it a great experience for children. Not only does my daughter love going to appointments- she takes care of her teeth at home and understands the importance! They continue to impress me- don’t hesitate to make an appointment!!

Love, love, love this office. I’m pretty sure my 2yr wishes he could go every week. The waiting room is magical to the point that we have to get there a little early so my son has time to play. The staff and Dr. John are so wonderful with little ones and just the right mix of helpful and speedy, never feels like we are being rushed out of there. Sunglasses for the bright lights in the chair, a TV screen for distraction and excellent kids toothbrush selection- really can’t say enough about Sea of Smiles.

I was so impressed by the aesthetics of Sea of Smiles. The people in the office were very affable and Dr. John was great! Thank you all for providing my daughter with a wonderful first time experience!!

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